EMG 40TW 5-string Bass Pickup Black Retoure


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EMG 40TW 5-string Bass Pickup Black Retoure

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Inside the EMG 40TW are two independent tones. A single coil and a humbucker along with EMG’s renowned preamp give players more options in one pickup. The single-coil mode is our JCS pickup built with ceramic and steel magnets for a rich, warm tone. The humbucker mode is our popular CS (ceramic steel) dual-coil for a big, aggressive sound with a pronounced mid-range. A push/pull volume (or tone) pot allows you to change from the rich clarity of a J pickup sound to the fatness of the CS humbucker. This five string bass pickup uses a 40 Extended housing that is 4 inches (102mm).

When using two of TW Pickups in the same instrument it is not recommended that our BT or BQ Systems be used. Each pickup requires a push/pull pot for switching from single coil to humbucker, so the balance control included with the system can’’t be installed. If you want to use the balance control, consider switching single/dual coil outputs with a DPDT toggle switch(s) instead.

Manufacturer’s Note: Make sure to check the instructions for pickup measurements before purchasing to compare your existing pickups with EMG models.

In The Box
Solderless Install System:

1 25k tone pot
1 push/pull pot
1 battery bus
1 stereo output jack
1 pair mounting screws
1 pickup cable
2 connect cables
1 output cable
1 battery cable

Maße und Beschreibung als pdf: