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V-Pick Fusion Pick Sapphire Blue

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Hinter V-Picks® steht Vinni Smith aus Nashville.
Seine aus Acryl gefertigten Plektren erzeugen einen fetten Ton, sind griffig und sind langlebig.
Das spezielle Material haftet sogar leicht an den Fingern, wenn es sich erwärmt hat.

Zu den bekanntesten V-Picks® Kunden zählen u.a.
Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Brad Whitford, Orianthi, Phil Keaggy, Vernon Reid, Derek St. Holmes.

„If you aren’t playing V-Picks® you are working way too hard!“

Modell: Fusion Pick

Stärke: 1,5mm

Größe: 3,3cm breit, 2,86cm lang

Farbe: Sapphire Blue

V-Picks® says:

1.5 mm – 15/16″ wide- 1 1/8″ long –

Some folks called and requested a pick that was just like the Chicken Picker except just a bit wider.  More thumb grip.  So, the V-PICKS Fusion guitar pick was born…

Jazz III players will especially love this one.  This pick is fantastic for all kinds of playing and all kinds of guitars.  My Strat, Les Paul, PRS and 335 all sound and play amazing with this pick!  It is small enough to tuck away in your knuckle or between your fingers and yet not as small as some of the jazz picks I have played with.  It really does surprise me how GOOD this pick feels!  The 1.5mm has a lot of snap and bite to the sound.  Really a pretty flat EQ comes off this pick.  It is an even and consistent sound and yet still has the very full spectrum that V-PICKS are known for.  This Fusion guitar pick really is an excellent pick indeed, IMO.

Please know that V-PICKS are heat treated and then flame buffed.  So, with this material, if you hold it up in the light, you will be able to see the heat marks from the flame.  I like to call them “flame broiled”.  I consider it to be the mojo in these guitar picks.  This treatment, by the way, makes our picks last longer, slip over the string faster as well.  It also give the edge a much better surface than a pick that is just cut or buffed on a buffer wheel as all other acrylic picks out there on the market.  This is just one thing that makes V-PICKS Guitar Picks the best picks on this planet!







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