V-Pick Saga Mandolin Pick


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V-Pick Saga Mandolin Pick Sapphire Blue

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Hinter V-Picks® steht Vinni Smith aus Nashville.
Seine aus Acryl gefertigten Plektren erzeugen einen fetten Ton, sind griffig und sind langlebig.
Das spezielle Material haftet sogar leicht an den Fingern, wenn es sich erwärmt hat.

Zu den bekanntesten V-Picks® Kunden zählen u.a.
Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Brad Whitford, Orianthi, Phil Keaggy, Vernon Reid, Derek St. Holmes.

„If you aren’t playing V-Picks® you are working way too hard!“

Modell: Saga Pick

Stärke: 1,5mm

Größe: 3,18cm (Spitze zu Spitze)

Farbe: Sapphire Blue

V-Picks® says:

1.5 mm – 1 1/4″ tip to tip – Symmetrical 

Big enough to be comfortable and easy to hold, and yet small enough to be quick and accurate.

The action is fast. The tone is sweet and musical. You won’t be disappointed in this pick.

A GREAT mandolin and guitar pick as well. This model comes from years of learning and listening to all players, both young and old. It tells our story over the past few years. So it was apply named the Saga. MANY times I have been at a show and had someone hand me a real TS pick and say, “Here is what I play. What do you have to match this?” They always were the same shape and size and thickness. So here is what we did. We rounded our corners off a bit, but not as much as our rounded models. Nice attack and yet a very gliding action and feel. 1.5mm seems to be the most common of the TS picks so that is where I went. Next, I chose the Sapphire Blue cast because it just looks so magnificent. Voila, the Saga was born. Next, for the drop test. You can tell a LOT about a pick by dropping them on a hard, flat surface and listening to what the pick tells you. It will tell you exactly how it will sound on your instrument. Well, I am happy to say that this pick drop tests and sounds very much like a TS pick. I think you will LOVE the V-PICKS Saga!





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