V-Picks Mummy Pick

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V-Pick Mummy Pick oder Chubby Mummy Pick
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Hinter V-Picks® steht Vinni Smith aus Nashville. Seine aus Acryl gefertigten Plektren erzeugen einen fetten Ton, sind griffig und sind langlebig.

Das spezielle Material haftet sogar leicht an den Fingern, wenn es sich erwärmt hat.

Zu den bekanntesten V-Picks® Kunden zählen u.a. Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Brad Whitford, Orianthi, Phil Keaggy, Vernon Reid, Derek St. Holmes.

„If you aren’t playing V-Picks® you are working way too hard!“

Modell: Mummy Pick

Von Hand eingeschliffene, extreme Vertiefungen für den absoluten Grip! Jedes Exemplar ist einzigartig!

Ghost Rim: das Pick hat eine unpolierte Spielkante und produziert einen aggressiven, rauen Ton mit viel Attack.

Stärke: 2,75mm  Größe: 3cm lang, 2,86cm breit  Farbe: crystal clear

Modell: Chubby Mummy Pick

Stärke: 4,0mm  Größe: 3cm lang, 2,86cm breit  Farbe: crystal clear

V-Picks® says:

Mummy: 2.75mm –  1 1/8″ wide –  1 3/16″ long  MEGA Grip! Huge tone. Huge attitude. Lots of attack.

Chubby Mummy: 4.0 mm – 1 1/8″ wide –  1 3/16″ long Fantastic grip.  Huge tone.  YUGE! Singing high end, thick midrange and a strong bottom end. 4.0mm makes this model very easy to hold.

These wrappings are hand ground on a bench grinder. Not lasered. No two V-PICK Mummys will be the same. They are all hand ground on a spinning bench grinder. If you don’t believe me, then order a 10 Pick Deal and see how many different stripe patterns you get.

Very deep carve. Almost feels like it is biting into your finger, but without the pain!

The Ghost Rim model V-PICK is an option of manufacture that gives you a wonderful, unique, and very musical „ghostly whisper“ to your pick attack. It can be used to tame down a very aggressive attack and yet, if you change your technique just a bit, you can get that cool Brian May, Ed King, Billy Gibbons effect and sound! It can deliver a hush effect much like a violin bow, or bark like you are using a coin as a plectrum. If you do not like the chirp a thick pick can sometime make, then the Ghost Rim option is for YOU! First we take extra time to expertly and masterfully grind the pick. We have this method down to an art. This is not easy and takes years to learn to do it correctly. So much care is taken because the pick does not go thru the last stage of flame buffing. The flame can hide a multitude of sins, so we have to make sure these are precisely made to our exacting specifications. I first started making picks like this in 1980. V-PICKS are the FIRST and ORIGINAL company to make this product available to you. We invented this idea of making picks and we excel above all the rest in doing so. All of my personal picks have been Ghost Rim or „unbuffed“ picks.

And if your mummy ever gets worn with smooth edges and loses it’s attack, you make it like new with our Ghost Rim Touch-Up Tool.


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